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How can I enhance the flavor of my Amazing Coffee?Updated a year ago

Not loving the flavor of your Amazing Coffee? Not to worry! For some people, it takes a little time to get used to because our coffee is packed with natural superfoods!

Check out the tips below. We think these will really help you out:

  • Tip 1: For frothy creamer: Mix a scoop of your coffee with hot water. Then in a separate cup, froth a scoop of Amazing Creamer with a little milk of choice. Pour the frothy creamer on top of your coffee. Optional: Sprinkle on some cinnamon!
  • Tip 2: Try adding a healthy sweetener option. Some of our favorites include agave, maple syrup, stevia, and honey!
  • Tip 3: Try the coffee in a recipe like our Healthy Banana Coffee Smoothie!

We encourage you to check out this Amazing Coffee E-Guide and How-To video below. Both include plenty of ways to enhance the flavor of your Superfood Amazing Coffee!




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