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How do I know when my subscription will renew?Updated 4 months ago

Wondering when your subscription will renew? 

We have 3 ways to find this out!: 

1. We have a customer portal that will allow you to see the date of your next renewal and make changes like changing the renewal date to your account, adding a promotional discount code to your next order, adding more products, and much more! 

To view your next renewal date, click on "Manage Subscriptions" - click "Your Orders" - Then click "Upcoming Orders"

You can log in 24/7 to the portal by clicking here and entering your email address!


2. You can find the renewal date on your latest invoice that was emailed to you.


3. Contact our customer success team by sending us a message here!


Thanks for being a part of the Superfoods Company community! We love having you! 


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