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How do Superfood Tabs work?Updated a year ago

Superfood Tabs work because of the 15 plant-based, natural superfoods in each drink. The tabs are rich in antioxidants and help support weight management, improve hydration, help your immune system and enhance your overall health.

  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Many of the superfoods found in Superfood Tabs are strong anti-inflammatories. Studies show that ingredients such as burdock root, elderberry, milk thistle, pomegranate, ginseng root, ginger root, dandelion, green tea, beet root & aloe vera all help to fight inflammation and reduce bloating when combined with regular exercise & a healthy diet.
  • HELPS IMMUNE SYSTEM & HELPS INCREASE ENERGY:  Studies show that superfoods such as elderberry, dandelion & goji berry help support the immune system. Beet root helps improve blood flow to the brain and can increase performance as well as the length of exercise. The natural caffeine found in matcha helps increase energy, satiety, thermogenesis and fat oxidation when combined with regular exercise & a healthy diet. 
  • SUPPORTS BRAIN COGNITION: Superfoods such as ginseng root, goji berry & lemon balm can help improve cognitive function, studies show. Matcha has protective effects against cognitive decline and chlorella may help improve short-term memory functions.
  • HELPS BOOST METABOLISM: Many studies show that aloe vera has bioactive components can help with lipid & carbohydrate metabolism and assist with body weight management in combination with exercise & a healthy diet.

You can learn all about the ingredients & their benefits by watching the video below:

Making a Superfood Tabs drink is easy! Just drop one tablet in 20 ounces of water. Let it fizz, then drink! Most customers enjoy it over ice and many customers love it with a lemon! Drink 1-3 daily and start feeling the amazing benefits of 15 superfood ingredients.

Check out our How To Make Superfood Tabs video as well as our Superfood Tabs E-Guide for some awesome visuals and creative ways to enjoy the tabs and enhance the flavor!

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