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Where can I read Ashwavana™ customer reviews & testimonials?Updated a year ago

Ashwavana™ is the world’s first Ashwagandha hydration beverage packed with powerful nootropics and adaptogens to enhance focus, boost productivity and help you achieve a relaxed state.Created with the goal to naturally boost your mental and physical performance while giving you mental clarity and peace of mind, Ashwavana™ is your daily nirvana in a cup!

Ashwavana™ contains scientifically studied ingredients like ashwagandha, l-theanine, rhodiola, magnesium & D3 along with 12 plant-based superfoods! These ingredients work together to help elevate your mood, reduce stress, enhance focus and support healthy hormone balance!

Read testimonials from real life customers here! Here are some of our favorites below:

I get stressed out and anxious nowadays! I'm SO happy I decided to try Ashwavana! I drink the strawberry flavor with dinner. I feel so much calmer, I'm in a better mood, and it's helping me sleep better too! I recommend this to anyone who deals with stress or anxiety! It's easy to make and tastes so delicious! - Teresa S.

I’ve been looking for a natural product to help me stay energized during long university days, and I’ve just found it! I love it because it helps me focus and stay productive, while also tasting so good and refreshing! - Ana F.

I’m 6 months postpartum and I had to stop drinking coffee because of the terrible postpartum anxiety I was experiencing. I also had really bad insomnia. Just a few weeks after drinking the orange passion fruit Ashwavana, my postpartum anxiety is gone! First off, the flavor is so delicious! I love the boost of energy throughout the day. It makes me feel focused and productive but also calm. I wish I had this stuff sooner. I feel back to my normal self and I can be happier for my baby! - Kayla M.

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