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Where is the Ashwagandha sourced from?Updated a year ago

The type of Ashwagandha we use in Ashwavana™ is from Sensoril. Sensoril is one of the highest quality ashwagandha extracts on the market, utilizing both leaves and roots for enhanced levels of bioactive compounds. That means more action in our bodies to promote better health! We selected Sensoril because it is tested for its potency so we can trust the quality! Isn’t that amazing!? 🧠❤️ 


Sensorial is also backed by 14 clinical studies to reduce stress, boost energy, and improve focus. Enjoy 1-3 cups of Ashwavana™ daily to reach your optimal self!  🙌


💕We have the full list of ingredients & benefits of the 12 natural and adaptogenic ingredients here! 

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