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Why aren't Superfood Tabs sold in stores ?Updated a year ago

We are so excited that you're interested in Superfood Tabs!

Don't love buying online? Read below for some suggestions, so you can still get your tabs!! 

To keep costs as low as possible for customers, we sell online only. If we sold in stores, the cost to purchase would have to be higher as we’d have to pay wholesaler fees! 

If you are wary about purchasing online, here's some helpful info: 

1) We have an amazing 30-day money-back guarantee, and a skilled customer service team based in Austin, TX that's here to help when you need us.  Our team is available Mon-Friday from 9am-5pm CST. Give us a call or send us a message by heading here: 

2)Our website is built to ensure that your card information is safe. From our end, all we can see are the last four digits of your card number! You can check out using Paypal, Afterpay, and all major credit cards. 

3) We also sell our products on Amazon, if you're more comfortable purchasing from their site! Click here for our Amazon listing.

4) Check out our  customer reviews and testimonials as well as before and afters on our website!

We do offer our best deals directly on our website!  Superfood Tabs help you boost metabolism, burn fat, increase energy, reduce bloating and fight cravings! We have over 150,000 customers in the USA who are reaching their healthy weight loss goals with Superfood Tabs


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