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Superfood Tabs - Advice

When should I take my Superfood Tabs?

For best results with Superfood Tabs, we recommend taking 2-3 tabs per day. A lot of customers have seen success with having a Superfood Tabs drink in the mornings and before meals. We also recommend having a Superfood Tabs drink whenever you start t

How can I maximize my results with Superfood Tabs?

When drinking Superfood Tabs, it's important to remember that no two people are the same and that everyone is at a different point in their health & wellness journey. There is no such thing as a magic pill, but when taken consistently with a healthy

How can I enhance the flavor of my Superfood Tabs?

Not loving the flavor of your Superfood Tabs? Not to worry! For some people, it takes a little time to get used to because our coffee is packed with natural superfoods! Did you know that our Superfood Tabs come in two flavors; Berry & Peach Mango?! I

Why haven't I seen results from my Superfood Tabs yet?

Not seeing results yet? Don't worry - everyone is different and it can take time for your body to adjust. Have you tried following our 30 Day Health & Wellness Plan? This Superfood Tabs guide is a 30 day plan that helps create healthy habits. It's yo

Do I need to exercise and diet with Superfood Tabs?

Everyone knows that there is no magic pill, but Superfood Tabs come pretty close! Everyone is a little bit different, but most customers notice that bloating is reduced very quickly after they start taking their Superfood Tabs. Most customers also re

Why am I feeling sick/experiencing a reaction from my Superfood Tabs?

Did you know it's actually very common for your body to feel a little "different" when you are detoxing? We have customers who have experienced nausea, brain fog or upset stomach while the body is flushing toxins and end up having great results. It's

Can I drink my Superfood Tabs drink on an empty stomach?

You can absolutely drink your Superfood Tabs drink on an empty stomach! In fact, we encourage it! Many of our customers report seeing the best results from drinking the tabs first thing in the morning before breakfast. We also recommend having a Supe

How much water should I dissolve my Superfood Tabs in?

We recommend dissolving each Superfood Tab into 16+ ounces of water. Water helps flush toxins and waste from the body. Drinking enough water on a daily basis ensures that your body is able to function to its full capacity and allows you to maximize y

Will I gain weight back if I stop drinking Superfood Tabs?

Superfood Tabs are the best addition to a healthy lifestyle and are designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, increase energy, reduce bloating and fight cravings. They should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. We have many

Can I drink my Superfood Tabs with alcohol?

While Superfood Tabs will definitely be healthier and more effective dissolved in water, you technically can enjoy the tabs in alcohol if you'd like. If you're currently on a weight loss or detox journey, we don't recommend it because of the extra ca

Can I chew or swallow my Superfood Tabs like pills?

We absolutely DO NOT recommend chewing or swallowing your Superfood Tabs like pills. Superfood Tabs were formulated to be dissolved in 16+ ounces of water and enjoyed as a delicious berry beverage!. There are a number of ways to enhance the flavor of