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How can I see my total points?

To check your points total, you can login to the My Account Portal using your email here. Once you are logged into the portal, you'll see your available points at the top of the screen under your name as shown below!. If you have any issues logging i

How can I redeem and apply my loyalty reward points?

Watch this How to Redeem Loyalty Points video for step-by-step instructions on how to redeem and apply loyalty points to your order!. Steps:. 1: Log in to My Account portal. 2: Click on My rewards on the right-hand side or the front page of the porta

How can I make changes to my account?

You can manage your own account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our online system. All you need to log in is your email address. If you have any issues accessing your account or if you get locked out, don't worry! Just send us a message and we w

How can I cancel my subscription? How can I unsubscribe?

We're so sorry to hear you'd like to cancel your account!. We would love to provide you with tips for getting the most out of your Superfoods Company products! If you have questions about getting the results you want or how to enhance the flavor of a

Can I upgrade, downgrade or add-on to my current subscription?

Looking to make some subscription changes? Our subscriptions are flexible and made to fit your lifestyle! Our Austin, TX-based team is here to help!. We help our customers every day with upgrades, downgrades, and add-ons. To make changes, please log

Can I change the date of my next subscription order?

Looking to make some subscription changes? No problem!. You can postpone or move up your billing date at any time! You can make these changes using the My Account portal and following the below steps:. If you run into any issues with changing your re

How can I update my payment information?

Need to update your payment information? Our Austin, TX-based team is here to help!. To make changes, please submit your request through the My Account portal and our customer success team will take care of the rest!. We are going to send you a secur

Holiday Schedule

Our office will be closed on the following days:. Thanks for being a part of the Superfoods Company!